Favorite Food Friday – Blueberry Pancakes from Food Craft

I am about to introduce you to the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Food Craft, formerly Home Kitchen, changed my life over 2 years ago when it revealed to me blueberry pancake perfection.

Food Craft…ok. I’m just going to call it Home Kitchen because I think the original name is better fitting and it’s ingrained into my head. I know that they rebranded the restaurant for marketing reasons, which I accept and understand. This summer they made the leap from a solely breakfast / lunch restaurant to one that offers 3 meals a day, complete with a bar. Anyways, Home Kitchen is just a more endearing name, don’t you think?

Now let me tell you the story of me, Lisa (my little), and Home Kitchen…

This place first came up junior year when one of my guy friends and I were discussing our love of breakfast. “I’ll have to take you to Home Kitchen. They serve breakfasts in actual skillets!” Alas, the conversation was forgotten amongst papers and college activities and we never made it together. BUT one weekend, probably a semester later, Lisa and I made the decision to try it. We found it situated at the end of a K-Mart strip mall in Yorktown, walked in and were seated at a two-top table by a window. Lisa and I are sweet-cravers, so we passed over the skillet meals and went straight to the pancakes and French toast list. Now, Home Kitchen has a giant “specials” chalkboard that is ever-changing. (I’ve heard rumors of zucchini pancakes. YUM!).

Our first meal at Home Kitchen, I believe, was –  

Lisa: blueberry pancakes platter
Me: strawberry French toast platter
Yes, I didn’t get the blueberry pancakes because normally I am not very impressed with pancakes, but one bite off of Lisa’s plate and I was actually disappointed in my delicious French toast—it really was good French toast! These blueberry pancakes were nice and browned on the outside (but not crunchy), and inside was fluffy and slightly gooey. It’s like they are a smidge underdone, but completely intentionally. Also, it seems to me that they always use fresh berries…although they may be fooling me. What you need to really know is, once you start on them, you have to finish. EVERY SINGLE BITE. No matter how uncomfortable you are. Well, that’s Lisa and I’s unspoken rule at least.
From that moment on, I want to say that we went nearly every weekend for breakfast. I always got blueberry pancakes, and she did too—unless banana pecan pancakes were on the “specials” board. It was the absolute highlight of my week (aside from our Chai Tea Tuesday dates). Relaxing weekend breakfasts / brunches make me happier than most other things in life…don’t get between me and my pancakes. (*cough*, Boyfriend) Since she’s moved back home, I’ve gone a few times with other friends. But, let’s face it, it’s not quite the same without my Lisa!
Two weekends ago was CNU homecoming (the same weekend I came back from Raleigh), and thank the Lord, Lisa came to visit me! While I don’t live in Newport News anymore, we still made the 25 minute drive that Sunday morning to relive our weekend breakfast ritual.

We walked in and, as usual, our eyes darted towards the chalkboard. Banana pecan pancakes, check. Pumpkin pancake, dang. Choices, choices! But wouldn’t you know they let us order a single pumpkin pancake on the side for us to try, in addition to our “usuals”. I LOVE HOME KITCHEN.

True to form, we ate our lives away at a two-top table by the windows…maybe I crushed mine a little harder than she did. I have a passionate tummy. And I’m running a half marathon. And I don’t get to eat here very often anymore. It’s fine.

Ahhh I could go on and on about this place, my little, and breakfast.
But instead I’ll stop myself.
Hope this post leaves you with a strong desire for weekend breakfast. Just do it! I am :)
*The opinions mentioned in this post are my own. I was not compensated by the companies, restaurants, or locations mentioned.