RVA Breakfast: Joe’s Inn

This weekend Boyfriend moved into his FIRST apartment. I know this sounds weird. He’s 24…but he also didn’t go to a typical college, and spent a little bit of time in post-grad limbo. Needless to say, I am one proud girlfriend! (Note: I am not commenting on the size of his new *ahem* studio.) His new place is in a great location in Richmond, and a different part than he has been living in, which obviously means more restaurants to try!

FOOD FOOD FOOD. Sometimes my obsession is embarrassing.

In between the back and forth of moving, we found time for some Sunday breakfast. Motivated by my newly-set list of 2012 goals, Boyfriend once again decided to trust me (I’m constantly amazed) as I drove him to a new restaurant, in the search of Richmond’s Best Breakfast. First up: Joe’s Inn.

Let me set one thing straight. This is not actually a new restaurant; its been open since 1952. And it has great character. Its located down a small residential side street in The Fan of Richmond, between Monument Ave. and E. Main St. Its really cheap and always busy (possible correlation?). It had a lot of things going for it from the get-go…so how did it fair?

First, some quick ground rules—I will be using a 1-5 scale: 1 = do-I-have-to-pay-for-this bad, 5 = my-last-meal-on-earth good. With 6 areas of critique, the highest possible score is 60. Depending on the area, I will be using 3 as “neutral” and 1 / 5 as no / yes.

I ordered coffee. It was decent. Just decent…hey, as long as its drinkable, I’ll take it!


They have pancakes, although they call them “hotcakes”. There aren’t any flavors, just plain ol’ hotcakes. I took it upon myself to pig out, so I ordered the “Big Breakfast”: 3 hotcakes, 2 eggs (scrambled), bacon, and home fries. The hotcakes were actually fairly good in regards to appearance and texture. They weren’t overly fluffy (fine), not dense (good), and only had a slightly spongy quality (fine). If their syrup was a slightly better quality, I would’ve been happier with these–syrup makes a difference! This actually makes me think that maybe I should start bringing my own flask of syrup so that a pancake’s score isn’t punished by poor syrup. Overall, I was able to comfortably eat two out of three, which I think says a lot.

French Toast on the Menu?
Yes, its there. I spied it on someone else’s plate (you do it too!) and it looked like the big Texas Toast kind. There’s potential.

Oh yes, it was delicious and it has my kiss of approval. It was wonderfully crispy and sprinkled black specks of burnt bacon fat…now that doesn’t necessarily sound good, but do you understand what I’m trying to say? The specks were soooo salty and added to the crispy texture. GOOD.

I didn’t get to try any biscuits, and the ones I saw were covered in sausage gravy (Boyfriend’s). He didn’t provide any comments on them specifically, so I guess I have to give this a neutral score.

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits for Boyfriend?
Check! And it was crazy cheap! $3.95 for a platter of 2 biscuits and gravy. Boyfriend said it was good, but not his favorite of all-time (Dixie Supply in Charleston, SC).

Until next time,