RVA Breakfast: Champagne Brunch at The Jefferson Hotel

Boyfriend asked me over the weekend about all the pictures I take of food. “What do you do with them?” During my pre-blog days, I suppose I used to just hoard them on my phone and computer. If the photos were of a giant plate of pancakes or other breakfast food, they more than likely ended up being texted to my Little. Or if it was something I made that I was incredibly excited about, up on Facebook it would go!

Nowadays I have Pursuit of Sweetness to collect not only my extremely amateur food photos, but the memories that accompany them, which would’ve otherwise been forgotten. That is, if I remember to post them before my life runs away with me…

Por ejemplo: Last month, my family all congregated in Richmond for a “birthday” weekend (i.e. it was the weekend between both my sister and I’s birthdays). We went to the Lion King at the Carpenter Center: AMAZING. If you don’t know, I have an infatuation with elephants…and there was a G-I-A-N-T elephant costume / puppet that walked down the aisle during the opening Circle of Life number. All the costumes were so impressive! And it was fun to be a kid again for 2 hours.

Sunday morning was the true pinnacle of the weekend though. After years of hearing my parents and other adults discuss the exquisite experience of the Champagne Brunch at The Jefferson Hotel, I finally got to experience it myself. It was so exciting and overwhelming! And you just can’t help but feel regal when sitting in the hotel’s rotunda lobby…no matter how much food in on your plate :) Having a bad tendency of overeating, often triggered by excitement, I made a VERY conscious effort to take small portions (“samples”, if you will) and eat slooooooow.

Plate 1 “breakfast” included cheesy grits, scrambled tomato eggs, Belgian waffle with berry compote, pancake, french toast, bacon, and potatoes topped with a sausage gravy. My favorite was the potatoes with gravy; why have I never thought to do this???

Plate 2 “lunch” included gruyere macaroni and cheese, beef, bread pudding, pork in a mushroom gravy, mixed steamed veggies, bay-seasoned shrimp, and a greens salad of some sort. Duh, the mac was my favorite…and I may have gone back for seconds 😉
Some of you may be wondering why this didn’t get entered into the the 2012 Goals: Best RVA Brunch search. Well, I think this brunch is in a league of its own; you go for the experience. Also, overall the food was delicious, but it didn’t have a lot of what I’m judging on (e.g. blueberry pancakes, biscuits). And I would’ve honestly been devastated if The Jefferson Hotel had won. If my favorite breakfast spot was $45 per person, my chances of enjoying it often would be slim to none!