RVA Breakfast: Star-lite

So the Year of Busy continues…this past weekend, I was in Richmond for Friday night and then went home to Caroline County for Saturday night. My little brother turned 13 today. AHHHH! The youngest sibling in my family is officially a teenager. I bet my parents truly never thought this day would come (and only 5 years until they reach official empty-nest-dom!). 
All my brother wanted for his 13th birthday was a cell phone; would you believe he is literally one out of 3 people in the 7th grade that doesn’t have one?! I didn’t get one until freshman year of high school, back before texting was in its hay day…heck, I don’t even remember if it existed. Even if it did, we all lived in an AIM world back then. I remember sitting in front of the computer, half doing my homework, and chatting with upwards of 5 friends. Nowadays, texting is the new AIM, even for middle schoolers…which honestly, makes me a little nervous…luckily, my brothers pretty perfect. A real gentleteen. Something that my sisters and I would like to take some credit for, but who really knows where it came from.
Before heading home on Saturday, Boyfriend and I ventured out to brunch, which required no pleading on my part since it was a SATURDAY. Not a SUNDAY. Its a compromise we’ve come too :) Brunch this weekend was at Star-lite, located on E. Main Street in the Fan. Its actually Boyfriend’s favorite bar in Richmond, so it was interesting to be there with the sun out and no aroma of beer. One of my favorite features of Main Street restaurants (bars) is that a lot of them have covered patios / porches. So naturally, Boyfriend and I found a nice corner booth on Star-lite’s covered patio, and proceeded to enjoy delicious food and people-watching…
Ok. Ready, set, judge!

[Refer to my 2012 Goals page if you are confused by what’s happening. RVA Breakfast Challenge scoring rules—1-5 scale: 1 = do-I-have-to-pay-for-this bad, 5 = my-last-meal-on-earth good. With 6 areas of critique, the highest possible score is 60. Depending on the area, I will be using 3 as “neutral” and 1 / 5 as no / yes.]

Coffee was good, but not great. Maybe a smidgen better than Joe’s Inn.  


There were blueberry pancakes on the menu! It was actually the only type of “flavored’ pancakes offered, aside from plain buttermilk. That scored major points. ADDITIONALLY, you had the option of selecting the blueberry version with their platter, which was fittingly named “I Can’t Make Up My Mind”. I appreciate restaurants that understand my need for sweet and salty breakfasts!

The pancakes were perfectly browned, with a good amount of blueberries–not too much or too little. It was an overall soft and slightly fluffy pancake, with no crunchy exterior, which I honestly like more. The syrup wasn’t maple, but it was LOADS better than Joe’s. These cakes soaked it up, but not in a “stuck in the desert” way. They were also a pretty perfect density–with and without syrup–meaning I just about finished off the entire two on my plate.

French Toast?
On the menu: check! 

Crispy and salty, two very key aspects of bacon, were present. My only complaint is that the pieces were fairly thin, resulting in not quite as a satisfying bite. Maybe less thickness = less calories, which could be a pro.

I’m not sure why, but my meal came with a biscuit. It was actually convenient since I needed to know if they were good or not! I put it in my doggie bag for later in the afternoon. Although not still fresh from the oven, this biscuit was yummy…specks of butter were everywhere! Needless to say, it wasn’t dry or crumbly; however, I topped this fluffy heart attack was some honey for the heck of it. I’d eat another one. Or two. I’m only keeping this from “5” status because it wasn’t golden brown on top. Sorry…

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
Check! Can you event make out the biscuits in the picture below?! Boyfriend was given a very generous portion of sausage gravy…which he, quite impressively, ate all of! I snagged a small bite, in the name of this search, and it seemed right on point.