RVA Breakfast: The Dairy Bar

I am on a huge breakfast in Richmond kick! It just so happens my business (*cough, Boyfriend, cough*) has brought me to this pollen-laden city the last few weekends. 
Fun fact: Richmond, VA was #8 in the list of The Most Challenging Places to Live with Spring Allergies last year! (Granted, this year its down to 46 and Virginia Beach is up at #16. But that’s still not good, right?) It wasn’t until last year that I actually “started” experiencing allergies…it was something I was always thankful to not have. I didn’t take it for granted! But it didn’t matter. Now, with each passing season I’m reminded that age is not my friend. It gives me gray hairs, a stuffy nose, and deteriorating eye sight. GROSS.
So about this restaurant…

Boyfriend and I used to go to The Dairy Bar quite frequently before he moved to his current “apartment” downtown. Its located slightly off the beaten path in an old industrial area. I read somewhere that back in the 1940s, when it opened, it functioned as a lunch counter for employees at the dairy factory next door (which no longer exists…I don’t think). The Dairy Bar is nothing fancy, but its cheap and has great traditional breakfast good! Seeing as we hadn’t been in several months, I decided to get the pancakes and officially enter this hidden gem in the 2012 RVA best breakfast search :)

Same as the others in the running – good, but not great. HOWEVER, as you might have guessed by it’s name, they have soooooo many milkshakes! My favorite is chocolate peanut butter, which tastes like liquid Reese Puffs. Heavenly. I always want coffee with my breakfast, but end up kicking myself when I don’t get a milkshake. They actually have this order called “The Griff!”: 

The way breakfast should be! Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with a chocolate peanut butter shake – no substitutions. $6.89

Such a wonderful combination–I wouldn’t DARE substitute!!! (And please note the price. Amazing.) I think these milkshakes are good enough at add some bonus points to the coffee score. So, there.

Sadly, there are no blueberry pancakes on the menu, so I ordered a short stack of regular. They were perfect “flapjacks” in appearance, golden brown and light. They were good, so was the syrup…but not mind blowing. I’m a “cakey” pancake person, remember? :)

French Toast
On the menu: check! 

My meal came with two thick pieces. Ideally, it would’ve been three since Boyfriend unfailingly takes a piece. They were crispy and not too salty. Overall: satisfied!

I didn’t get a biscuit this weekend; but, as I mentioned above, my typical order is “The Griff!” breakfast sandwich. And it’s DELISH. The biscuits are typically pretty-darn-perfect. While they aren’t especially wide, they are tallllllll, soft, and golden brown.

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits?
Check! Although, out of all the sausage gravy we’ve encountered, this is one of the more interesting in method. The sausage is chopped up patties, versus ground crumbles, and isn’t added to the gravy before its plated. I believe their reasoning for doing this is so they can use the same gravy for their meatless sausage too (which is thoughtful!). Boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind…but I think its weird.