RVA Breakfast: Tarrant’s Cafe

Last Sunday, Boyfriend and I returned rather early to the city from the “birthday weekend“. Perfect for me, because that meant Sunday Brunch! 😀

It was another beautiful spring day, so we took the opportunity to walk to our brunching destination. Tarrant’s Cafe is located on Broad Street, only a few blocks away from Boyfriend’s digs. We’ve been there for dinner and lunch–both enjoyable–but never for brunch…until NOW. It has an old fashioned pharmacy feel upon entering (probably because it used to be one), but it transitions into old elegance as you progress past the bar. White brick walls, dark wood floors, and skylights make this restaurant a cozy, yet proper establishment.

Their brunch menu is includes a wide variety of egg benedicts, along with the traditional favorites and a full list of “prescriptions” a.k.a. mimosas, bloody mary’s and the like. But you all should know what I’m REALLY after at this point in the game…

FAIL. I didn’t have any! I thought I was being smart by having some at the hotel before leaving for Richmond. You know, its free. Now I just messed Tarrant’s score up…I’m sure its at least decent! They did have an expresso machine? Neutral score for now.

First of all, this is the first pancake platter I’ve gotten in Richmond that comes with “legit” fresh fruit. Starlite claims to, but what you end up getting is half a tangerine on your plate. That, my friends, is anti-climatic! This fresh fruit (as you can see for yourself) included melons, strawberries, and grapes…not to mention there were blueberries in my pancakes. Whoa, 5 different fruits for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do. Helps to balance out all the syrup and bacon. 

Angel fork? (There was a skylight above our table.)

The pancakes themselves had *blueberries* ohthankgoodness. They were slightly spongy and more flappy than cakey. But with so many blueberries and some seriously good syrup, I easily overlooked this flaw. Tarrant’s flapjacks didn’t take the cake, but they made for a satisfying meal. And I think I pretty much ate them all. No surprise there.

French Toast?

Check. And I seriously thought about getting it. “Cinnamon-vanilla” and “smothered with fresh fruit” in the description, it was a tough call. Luckily I stuck to my blueberry guns, or I would hardly be able to judge this brunch based on my self-set criteria! Next time I shall get it.

Filled its purpose (SALT), but wasn’t very memorable. 


Hmm this is an interesting one. THESE (to right) are the biscuits we were given before our meal came out. I think they are best described as cinnamon streusel yeast rolls. They were a nice surprise, but not really a “biscuit”. I’m giving two bonus points for creativity and for giving us something before the meal. As far as real biscuits, I don’t think I actually saw one…do they exist?

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

No gravy and biscuits for Boyfriend :( He ended up going the lunch route and ordered a meatball sub with a side of onion straws. He seemed uncomfortably full on the walk back, so I have to think he was still satisfied with the meal.