RVA Breakfast: River City Diner

Lucky me (poor nonexistent six-pack) got blueberry pancake platters TWICE this past weekend. I had intended to making breakfast one day, but that didn’t quite pan out due to laziness and inconvenience.

Saturday morning, we tried going to The Hill Cafe (in Church Hill) for breakfast, after hearing some good reviews from friends. Alas, its only open for Sunday brunch :( A close alternative was the downtown location of River City Diner, right next to the 17th Street Farmer’s Market in Shockoe Bottom. Yes, you may remember me mentioning this place before, as I ate at the Northside location right after my half marathon last year. Truth: ANYTHING would’ve tasted like heaven after running 13.1 miles…but, by the time we arrived there on Saturday, we were close to eating our clothes. So once again, my judgments are most likely skewed.

Also, I should note that this diner was voted “Best Day-After-Drinking Brunch” by the readers of Style Weekly in 2011. Now, we didn’t drink at all on Friday night, but there were quite obviously people there that did. Hey, no disruption; no judgement.

Coffee – 3 
Coffee was typical diner coffee: not too strong, and constant refills (appreciated).

Pancakes – 2.5 
These blueberry pancakes had a crunchy exterior and a slightly tough/spongy interior. Also, the amount of blueberries in the center of each pancake was close to ridiculous. Needless to say, I stuck to devouring the center of each pancake…less mediocre pancake, more yummy blueberries (drenched in syrup, naturally). These were fine, but not my fav. I’m giving it a .5 higher than 2 because of the blueberry enthusiasm.

French Toast? – 5
They had it; although, I didn’t see it on anyone’s table around me…and honestly, they have like 5 flavors of pancakes. So why go the toast route?

Bacon – 1.5
Do you SEE the bacon on my plate. I wish I was joking when I tell you that they only gave me that ONE BABY PIECE OF BACON with my pancake platter. Seriously, this is a sample of bacon…like the kind you would get at a booth in Costco. Actually, even those samples are probably bigger. I was sad; and needless to say, so was Boyfriend since there was nothing to steal off my plate after my single bite of bacon. It did taste like bacon, so I can’t give it an actual “1” but really.

Biscuits – 3
(via FB chat)
Valerie: …what did you think of River City’s biscuits?
Boyfriend: uh they were fine as I remember
Valerie: lol just fine? no complaints
Boyfriend: exactly

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits? – 5-1=4
They had it, but Boyfriend thought they were stingy with the sausage. Rude, especially since I paid for it. Totally worth a docked point.
TOTAL = 19 

The End.