RVA Breakfast: McLean’s

Welcome to the best breakfast in Richmond, according to Style Weekly‘s readers in 2011. Hmm that sounds like a pretty big deal. The crowd Boyfriend and I entered into on last Sunday morning further reiterated this. And now, having eaten there myself, I can confirm that McLean’s Restaurant is absolutely a big-delicious-breakfast deal.

Typical coffee. Constant refills. Not much else to say.


The blueberry pancakes were bangin’. Yes, does anyone remember that word? I think its from high school, and I’m totally using it. These pancakes weren’t very attractive; actually, they were rather thin and pale. But, boy, were they so delicious; soft and not too fluffy. While the blueberries were obviously canned, it didn’t make too much of a difference in taste to me. Also, these pancakes smelled good…like blueberry muffin batter. I want them again. Right now.

French Toast
Yup, it was on the menu, but I wouldn’t dare order anything other than those pancakes you see pictured. AHH. Where’s the scratch-and-sniff widget when you need one? 

Cooked well done and came aplenty with my platter. Some reviews I read complained about them often serving undercooked bacon…none on my plate! They must’ve know I was a hardcore breakfast critic 😉

Once upon a time, there was a magic drawer that led to a land of biscuits. This drawer exists! And it can be found at the bar of McLean’s! I discovered their biscuit drawer by accident, as we were sitting at the bar in an attempt to get our food faster, and then WOAH. One of the servers, as she was finishing plate her food, pulled a freaking biscuit out of this metal heated drawer…seriously crazy stuff. I call it genius, but I’m pretty sure some people would be slightly disturbed. Whatevs. 

I didn’t actually try the biscuits so I can’t confirm if the biscuits tasted fresh or buttery or soft, but I’m just going to put two and two together and say that they are good.  

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
In comparison to Saturday’s sausage-lacking gravy biscuits, Boyfriend was happy with this platter. 


That’s homestyle cooking done right, yall!