RVA Breakfast: Mint

Sunday morning before heading home to celebrate Mother’s Day with our family, Cherie and I went out for brunch in Richmond. As much as I love dragging Boyfriend out to brunch with me, I was super excited to go with my sister because:
  1. I didn’t have to worry about whether Boyfriend would be happy with the place or if the food would be too “fancy” for him (e.g., “Why can’t they just make me a normal ham and cheese sandwich?”)
  2. More interesting conversation…JUST KIDDING. But really. I love girl time <3

Deciding where we wanted to go was quite easy: Mint, which is a relatively new restaurant, located on Main Street within the Fan District. The owners have another restaurant named Julep in Shockoe Bottom, which is infamous for having a huge wait list (one that I wish I was on). But isn’t that cute? Sister restaurants! Julep offers “new southern cuisine”, while Mint provides a “new casual cuisine” option.

We walked into this corner spot at about 11AM and it was already filled with a lively crowd. We opted to sit at the mahogany-colored bar rather than waiting for a table; and there we were greeted with a friendly bartender. The restaurant’s large windows let in tons of natural light into this quaint but clean space. With a beautiful wooden flooring, white walls / mahogany trim, large arches, a detailed ceiling, interesting light fixtures, a faux stairway, columns, and an adorable green front door, you can’t help but feel slightly more sophisticated and southern upon entering. Seriously, this place is lovely….like I want my future house to look like this.

But let me tell you about the food…

Coffee – 3.5
The coffee was bold and fresh. Refills? Aplenty!

Pancakes – 4.5

Rather than the traditional/typical pancakes, Mint offered johnny cakes topped with white sorghum syrup. From what I’ve seen online, sorghum is in the grass family…who knew you could make syrup from grass?! Apparently its a southern thing 😉 Also, in case you didn’t know, johnny cakes turned out to be thin, slightly crumbly, but oh-so-delicious corn cakes. They arrived at my spot at the bar perfectly drenched in the sorghum syrup, which I’d say was like a cross between honey and maple syrup. I’ve never had a restaurant put syrup on my pancakes for me! It honestly seems risky, but they did a good job not over-saturating my them. All together they were sweet, with a hint of salt, and the texture of the cornmeal was divine. Although I missed my blueberries, this was a definite step out of the ordinary that I’d take again…and again…

French Toast on the Menu?
Banana foster french toast to be exact! And I was sooooo tempted to get it. They also has sweet potato waffles. I’m crazy about sweet potatoes in stuff. Too many unique breakfast choices…meaning I have to go back.

They had some classic bacon: cut thick,  cooked crispy, and great saltiness.
Cherie ordered the “biscuit benedict”, which came with a biscuit instead of an English muffin–Brilliant! She gave me a piece of the biscuit to try, and it was pretty darn good. Of course, it made me wish I had ordered a biscuit. They also have something on their menu called “breakfast sliders”, meaning cheesy eggs and bacon biscuit sandwiches. Like I already said: NEXT TIME!

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits for Boyfriend?
Yes, they did have biscuits and gravy. Duh, its a southern restaurant :) But they called it “Big A** Biscuit & Spicy Sausage Gravy“. I’m a little concerned…what makes it spicy? If there are peppers in the gravy, Boyfriend will want nothing to do with it because that would fall into the “fancy” category. Not to mention, peppers are gross :) We shall see!