RVA Breakfast: 27 Bistro

A few weekends ago, Boyfriend and I attended another race; this time it included horses instead of cars. And having experienced both, I can confidently say that I prefer the horses. Maybe it was the weather, or the sundresses and hats, or the fact that I wasn’t completely surrounded by men in cut-off shirts and jorts…really, its hard to say. I’m sure that Strawberry Hill Races have nothing on the Preakness or Kentucky Derby but it was nevertheless an exciting spring event to attend. 
We participated in a tailgate put on by Richmond’s VMI alumni chapter and it was awesome: transportation to and from Richmond, live band, catered lunch, open bar. From 10AM until 7PM, we were eating, drinking, watching races, meeting new friends, and loosing bets.
A long day turned into a long night, and we eventually found ourselves at home and awake on Sunday morning, ready for some breakfast. Boyfriend purchased a Groupon for Bistro 27 a few months ago; so to continue the high-class weekend (ha), we decided to use it to have a European-inspired brunch. It was an easy walk over to the bistro, which is only a block or two from Tarrant’s on Broad Street.

The walk there was surprisingly more busy than usual; and as we turned onto Broad, my suspicions were confirmed: 27 was only steps away from Broad Appetit! I was tempted to keep walking into the blocks-upon-blocks of food vendors with their $3 offerings, but was had a date to attend the event later with one of my sorority sisters (it was SO MUCH FUN!!!).

Instead, we took the left into 27 Bistro, a restaurant with a very impressive brunch atmosphere. The space was brightly lit thanks in large part to the tall walls of windows, and decorated with white linen table cloths, attentive wait staff, and the gentle hum of jovial music. Yes, I could get used to dining in a place such as this…

They’re a European bistro, so their coffee was strong (and delicious).

Upon being seated we were told twice (by two different people), that they were not serving pancakes that morning because the “pancake man” was at their booth at Broad Appetit. Yes, at first I was heartbroken…until I looked down at their menu and saw their french toast. Nowadays, I’ve actually started to feel some pressure to just get pancakes and here was an out! Also, after some thought, I concluded that if they have an actual “pancake man”, their pancakes must be phenomenal. We’ll be back, Bistro 27!

French Toast

JUST look at this. I swear there’s french toast down in there, amongst the bananas, strawberries, blackberries, whipped cream, and Nutella. The french toast itself was perfectly soaked and cooked; and with the toppings, it was heavenly. I wouldn’t change a thing (and, yes, I took it over the edge by topping it off with some syrup.)

Salty, crispy, medium thickness. Good :)


We were served “baby biscuits” as we waited for our brunch entrees. They were incredibly fresh, tender, and buttery!

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

They had biscuits and sausage gravy…with a twist. Instead of biscuits, the gravy was served with puff pastry triangles and scrambled eggs. While Boyfriend typically has an aversion to “fancy” versions of simple meals (e.g., a ham & cheese sandwich), he said that he’d happily return for brunch, a.k.a. I think he liked it :)