RVA Breakfast: Perly’s Restaurant

Of all the streets in Richmond, I wouldn’t say that Grace is the prettiest; but, in walking a few blocks down it, you can occasionally catch a glimpse at what it used to be. Skeletons of department stores and cafes are slowly waking from their slumber as the Arts and Cultural district, proposed by the mayor early last year, begins to manifest.

One place that seems to have persevered through the dog “decades” of downtown Richmond is Perly’s Restaurant at 111 East Grace Street. It takes a few minutes upon taking a step inside for you to fully absorb the Perly’s atmosphere. Old fashioned, eclectic, homey are adequate descriptions of this breakfast and lunch hot spot.  
Boyfriend and I walked to Perly’s a few Saturdays ago. I had just gone for a long morning run down Monument, and was excited and starving for some breakfast comfort food. We were seated near the center of the restaurant, just at the edge of the kitchen/runner window. I could easily get lost in watching restaurant staff at hard at work cooking and plating and interacting with one another. FOOD NERD ALERT.

So how ’bout that food?

Coffee – 4
The coffee was hot…outside was hot. Perly’s coffee seemed to be of the typical diner breed and was enjoyable, especially once my body adjusted to the air conditioning.

Pancakes – 3.5
I went with the pancake platter they offered, which included eggs and a choice a breakfast meat (BACON). Why don’t all restaurant’s have “a pancake platter”? Pancakes always taste better with a side of saltiness. This particular platter came with 3 piping hot, very fluffy pancakes. Butter, slice–these were particularly difficult to cut–and top with syrup. Aside from the slightly spongy toughness, they ended up tasting pretty good, especially with the real maple syrup (Northern friends, rejoice!).

French Toast – 5
I don’t recall if they had it on the menu. Innocent until proven guilty = 5 points for now.

Bacon – 4
Crispy, salty, medium thickness, FULL pieces. What more could you ask for?

Biscuits – 2
I’m wondering if we just went at the wrong day, or at the wrong time, because these biscuits unfortunately did not live up to the hype of the online reviews I read. They seemed be lacking…salt maybe? Or butter? 

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits – 0

Tragically, they weren’t on the menu. And Boyfriend actually got (fake) angry at me for not knowing this beforehand. Note to all restaurant owners: please post your menu online! 😉 Luckily, his frown was quickly turned upside down when he spotted croissant breakfast sandwiches on the menu. 
There is a God; and on this particular day, he chose to manifested himself through a flaky and warm sandwich, stuffed with egg, cheese, and sausage. This leads me to…
Feature: Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches
An addition to my typical breakfast criteria!!! After having visited (over) 9 breakfast spots in Richmond, I have come to the conclusion that I may not be giving each place justice. No blueberry pancakes, no french toast, bad biscuits? Then what do you have? :) Hopefully a signature item, a dish unique to your establishment…a reason WHY people come and eat there. What did Perly’s have to note? I’d say these croissant sandwiches were it. (They actually seemed to have pretty good oatmeal too–the person next to me added her side of baked apples into it. Umm that’s genius.). Boyfriend was happy to find the order came with two, although smaller, sandwiches to enjoy. After all, more is more! From what he told me/what I observed, they were very enjoyable Breakfast success.

Total = 18.5