RVA Breakfast [12]: Water Grill

Its been a while (i.e. MONTHS) since I’ve posted a RVA breakfast review; but, rest assured, I’ve been brunching my little heart out! Most recently, I visited Water Grill for brunch, following what I call a “training race”. It’s a shortened name for “a race that I run in preparation for another race“.

As part of the Maymont X-Country Festival last weekend, there was a 8-miler run that was quite literally over river and through the woods…and through creeks and up stairs. Have any of you ever run the Buttermilk Trail? It’s HARD! I survived with aching legs, but managed to improve my time from last year :)

Naturally, an early morning race is rewarded with a big and delicious breakfast, so Boyfriend and I met his family a few hours later in Carytown for some brunch (a.k.a. the best meal of the week). In addition to the Water Grill’s great outdoor seating, the inside layout is very cozy, yet spacious. I can imagine going back to enjoy a fall dinner next to one of their fireplaces.

Coffee – 4.5
The coffee was on the stronger side, which was welcomed since I was was caffeine-less and it was already noon.

Along with our drinks, we were presented with a basket of blueberry mini muffins. I’m always pleasantly surprised when a creative “bread basket” is served with brunch!

Pancakes – 4
Blueberry pancakes were on the menu, so of course I ordered them. They smelled and looked great! The texture and taste were definitely on the high end of average (…and we all know I have pretty high standards when it comes to pancakes). They were a bit of a struggle to cut, but once I had them in bite-sized pieces and covered in syrup, I was in breakfast heaven. Carb-covered fresh blueberries never cease to make me weak at the knees <3


French Toast – 5
They had classic french toast, as well as a banana caramel french toast that I’d love to go back and try!

Bacon – 4
I ordered a side of bacon for my pancakes, which included 3-4 pieces. The pieces were kind of small; but overall, no major complaints. Also, I should add: the side of scrambled eggs were perfectly cooked, which is surprisingly uncommon. Its so easy to overcook eggs and/or end up serving them cold, and the eggs on my plate were neither!

Biscuits – 4.5

From the piece (*ahem* crumb) that I was offered, they seemed fresh, soft, and buttery :)

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits – 5 
They were offered as “a side”, which I have never seen before! Boyfriend shocked me and actually opted for the eggs and bacon platter; however, his brother ordered something that came topped with sausage gravy. Which brings me to…
Feature: The Red Neck Benedict
Take away the English muffin, ham, and hollandaise sauce, replace them with a biscuit, sausage patty, and sausage gravy, and you have yourself the Red Neck Benedict. That sounds like a ridiculously good idea…for someone that enjoys Eggs Benedict. I swear, one of these days I’m going to get over my (possibly irrational) fear of poached eggs so that I can finally enjoy all these Eggs Benedict variations! I’m starting to think I’m really missing out on something great. 

Total = 27 points 


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  1. I didn’t even know that Water Grill did brunch! I am all about a Benedict and the Redneck version sounds delightful. I understand about being scared of a poached egg, but it is honestly my favorite way to eat them.