[Meatless Monday] Eating @ Flames 231

This weekend I attended a Virginia Blogger meet-up at a new Richmond restaurant, Flames 231. According to their Facebook page, this Shockoe Bottom establishment was named for Train 231 that collapsed in the Church Hill tunnel in the 1925. Fun story, right? They specialize in “authentic Italian” wood-fired pizzas, but also offer a variety of other fresh Italian dishes and antipasti.

Having eaten a rather large and late brunch, I opted for something lighter than pizza (although I slightly regretted it later…the pizza looked so good). The caprese con carciofi was beautifully presented and super fresh! I loved the bed of arugula; it complemented the dish perfectly. However, I’d say that the fire-roasted artichokes definitely made the dish.

Probably not surprising, they have a variety of meatless options to choose from. We all got to taste their “signature” hummus with warm pita. Once again, spot on with presentation and taste. I’m hoping to go back with an empty stomach so that I can try the vegetarian pizza, with fresh roasted vegetables and a whole wheat crust!

You can see more of their menu here.

Happy meatless eating!

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  1. Love this!! Do you mind if I link back to it on the Virginia Bloggers post?