RVA Breakfast: Dots Back Inn

One of my best friends from high school recently got engaged (to a truly amazing guy, might I add). I’d been waiting for the call for a while, so when her mom mistakenly uploaded a picture to Facebook announcing the engagement, I speed-dialed her number immediately. “Hi…are you wearing something new, by any chance?!” Yeah, I may have ruined her surprise, but I’m hoping that my extreme excitement made up for it!

It wasn’t until this past weekend that we were able to meet up, her with her fiance, and me with Boyfriend, to celebrate the engagement. How weird it was to be sitting across from someone I’ve known for close to ten years with a ring on her finger! Even now, I can’t help but look back at everything that’s happened during those years, and compare it to where she is now. I honestly could not have pictured it better, nor could I have imagined a more perfect man to complete her. <3

So here we were: two couples (one engaged!), both very much content…ready for brunch and a celebratory mimosa. From a short list of possibilities, we decided on Dot’s Back Inn. Located in Richmond’s northside, this restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives a few (maybe several) years ago. I remember watching the episode and making a mental note to make it to Richmond one day to try it…


This is totally a neighborhood spot. I wish I lived closer, honestly. I wouldn’t at all mind spending every morning on one of their barstools with a mug of coffee, plate of pancakes, and a newspaper.  Ugh, is it time to retire yet?

No coffee for me this brunch! Instead we had mimosas, which I do not recommend from here. It wasn’t the worst I’ve had, but it was not great. Ice in mimosas, and orange juice for that matter, confuses me. Also, Dots just doesn’t exactly put off the mimosa-sipping vibe. I’d suggest sticking with a more typical breakfast beverage here.

The Chunky Monkey pancakes were insane! Chocolate chip walnut pancakes stuffed with a fried banana; tell me that doesn’t sound amazing. The pancakes themselves were delicious, fluffy and super soft (pretty much no fork required). They also offered other pancake flavors, including blueberry, chocolate chip, apple, and PB&J.

French Toast
They were on the menu (along with apple or blueberry-stuffed variations), but I didn’t spot any at the tables near us. As always, I’m willing–and anxious–to return and try them out.

Crispy and delicious. I have no complains, aside from the ever-present “boyfriend tax”. Hey, at least he’s started to at least ask permission to proceed before snatching :)

I didn’t get to sample them, but Boyfriend ordered his breakfast sandwich on one. They are decently sized, sturdy, and Boyfriend-approved.

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
Its not on their standard menu, but was offered as a special on the Saturday we were there (I’m wondering if it always is on the weekends?). As hinted at above, Boyfriend, surprising me again, opted for a breakfast sandwich instead. I can’t blame him though; there’s nothing like a good breakfast sandwich (and a biscuit, of course).

Feature: Chunky Monkey Pancakes or Pigs in a Blanket
Apparently, I’m a sucker for cute names on the menu? I should mention that Dots was recognized on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives because of their scratch-made entrees (“from chicken with feta, white wine and artichokes, to home made pesto”). As far as brunch goes at this restaurant, the Chunky Monkey pancakes are where the money is. And judging by the pancakes, I bet their Pigs in a Blanket are pretty special too: Grilled Andouille sausage wrapped in two pancakes. HELLO! YUM!