RVA Breakfast: Popkin’s Tavern

Located downtown on Broad Street, Popkin’s Tavern is slightly better known for its happy hour than menu. However, that’s not to say the food isn’t great. My first experience with Popkin’s was a tacky light tour after-party in their upper level. This restaurant is spacious; and much like the other finer establishments on Broad, the decor is subtly modern, yet works to highlight the building’s original architecture.

Just last month, Popkin’s Tavern began to offer Sunday brunch; and, naturally, I had to check it out for myself.

Boyfriend and I showed up for a later brunch, so I had already had my daily cup of joe. Instead, we both stuck with water.

You know how I always complain when restaurants don’t offer a pancake platter? Popkin’s had a platter. Win! Their “breakfast smorgasbord” included: 1 short stack, 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, … So not only did I get my top 2 breakfast requirements (pancakes and bacon) in one order, but I got my own biscuit too! 


French Toast


Biscuits & Gravy