RVA Breakfast: Lunch

Yes, you read that right. Last weekend, I got breakfast at a place called Lunch. And, guess what? Lunch serves dinner too! This place has been on my “to breakfast” list for a while and leave it to the last month of the year to give me two semi-low key weekends FINALLY. A friend of mine, Leslie, and I have been trying to hang out for a while and on Sunday, the opportunity finally presented itself.

Lunch is located just across Broad Street from the museum district, on Summit Avenue. The decision to go here was made when I realized that Leslie lives literally 2 blocks away from me, on the way to Lunch. We made the quick walk in the overcast and misty December weather, found the building (reminiscent of an old-time country road convenience store), and proceeded to walk into the smallest restaurant in Richmond. Ok, I’m not confident that its actually “the smallest”, but its the tiniest I’ve ever been in. There are about 7 tables, the largest fits four people, and a bar with 3-4 stools. It was just our luck that a two-person table had opened up a few minutes before we walked in.

Although small, this spot is definitely of the “quaint”, not stuffy, variety. The wooden tables are adorn with “L” brands; and the space is tied together with a black & white theme, with the focus being the giant specials chalkboard on the right wall. From the door, you can peer straight through the kitchen, which is situated directly behind the bar. From my first 5-second assessment, I liked it.

Lunch serves a specialty roast from Tall Bike Coffee (a.k.a Lampligher Roasting Company), a Richmond roastery.

I, however, opted for water (served in Mason jar mugs!) because I’d met another friend earlier that morning for coffee at Black Hand. Black Hand recently moved spaces and reopened at a spot very close to my apartment. For my first visit, I ordered a dirty chai made with almond milk; sounds weird, but I swear it was absolutely delicious–and beautiful. I <3 coffee art.

Yes, I ordered pancakes; although I seriously considered deviating from my go-to for the Runner’s Delight breakfast sandwich. The pancakes came with a side of grits or home fries. I picked the home fries and added 2 scrambled eggs for some extra protein, plus asked for the pancakes to be topped with fruit. The pancakes came out more brown than what I’m used to receiving at restaurants, which ultimately I loved. I’ve noticed that there are two different pancake-making strategies: cook gradually and thoroughly OR cook quickly at high-heat. These were made using the later, resulting in a not-quite-crispy crust and a just-past underdone interior: THE BEST. They were fluffy and so soft in the middle. I loved them!

French Toast
There are two ways to order your french toast here: plain, with berries and whipped topping, or…NUTELLA. It’s hard to say no to the creamy chocolatey nuttiness of Nutella, especially when you don’t allow yourself to stock your pantry with it. (Peanut butter is enough of a liability for me). I didn’t have any french toast spottings during our meal, but I have no doubt that its good.

I was, however, lucky enough to sneak a few peeks around to room to see some biscuits. The biscuits were BIG, appropriate for breakfast sandwiches, and appeared to have a hearty whole-grain texture.

A glimpse of the BLT in the background…

Leslie ordered the Parker Field sandwich, a pumped up BLT with avocado. As a self-proclaimed “BLT lover”, she assured me that it was awesome. Good bacon = check!

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
I think it’s safe to assume that “breakfast gravy” = sausage gravy, right? It’s definitely on the menu for a mere $6.50, which also includes a side of grits or home fries.

Feature: Two words: Train Wreck. This creation includes two buttermilk biscuits topped with sausage, egg, and cheese, that’s then covered in breakfast gravy. This sounds very similar to Tricia’s Special from the Dairy Bar, although their version includes home fries on top of the biscuits. Brilliant breakfast minds think alike (but I have a sneaking feeling that Lunch’s gravy might be better.).

Also, beverage to note: raspberry milk? Curiouser and curiouser….

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  1. those are some great pics! love that place