RVA Breakfast: The Roosevelt

Since it’s opening in July 2011, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews on The Roosevelt. Located in recently proclaimed “baking district” of Churchill, this establishment serves food inspired by one of Richmond’s beloved genres: innovative southern. Their dinner menu includes a variety of “untraditional” classics, as well as a variety of pig parts that I didn’t even know were consumable (i.e. pig head). Their brunch menu, served only on Sundays, is equally intriguing. This past weekend, Boyfriend and I made the [surprisingly quaint] drive into the Churchill neighborhood; neither one of us knew that 25th Street had the appearance of a small town’s main avenue. The Roosevelt is located on the corner of 25th and M Streets, and best identified by its red exterior and leaning outer wall. As our mid-day meal progressed, it became obvious that the slant, complemented by a simple, yet classic interior was a clever metaphor for The Roosevelt’s culinary charm.

The coffee served was hot, dark, and delicious. And creamer came alongside in a shot glass.
I have a method to dressing my pancakes, and it just so happens that The Roosevelt also has their own. (I stack, cut, then pour syrup over them to ensure even distribution. In case you were wondering.) Their local ricotta pancakes came topped with berries…and syrup. How very bold. To my surprise, it was extremely well executed. The pancakes themselves were light, yet textured; and I was relieved to find that they were neither smothered or weighed down by the syrup. I would…could…WANT to eat these every weekend.

French Toast
There was no french toast on the brunch menu, but other sweet & carby options include: Greek yogurt with fruit, toasted oats, and local honey, coffee cake, and cornbread or biscuits with an accompaniment of vanilla butter.
Smoked bacon can be ordered a la carte, but disappointingly isn’t included with any of the brunch entrees. Boyfriend and I opted to order three main dishes to split, so I didn’t bother ordering the bacon nor did I see any at the tables near us. And so we meet again, mystery bacon…
Boyfriend ordered the fried chicken biscuit for his meal. He liked the biscuit, but said it was bit crumbly for its use as part of a sandwich. (I, on the other hand, bet they would’ve been great under gravy!) He also thought the chicken could’ve benefited from some additional salt & pepper seasoning…or frying it in peanut oil. (Can you guess where he likes his chicken from?) It’s so cute that he’s becoming more of a food critic :)
Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
No southern-inspired is complete without sausage gravy. The Roosevelt’s version is made with local sausage and is served with two slow-cooked eggs.
Feature: Breakfast Sausage Corn Dogs with Maple Syrup
It sounds like just glorified fair fare, but its so much better than that. While they look a little silly upon first glance, one bite confirms that these battered-and-fried links are something special. They are lightly battered and perfectly deep fried to a crunchy brown color. The sausage itself was fresh and juicy, a far cry from the overcooked and bland patties found at other breakfast spots in town. And, Roosevelt, I suggest that all breakfast entrees be served with one corn dog on the side.

Sending you maple syrup & sausage grease kisses,

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  1. Yum!! This place sounds amazing!

  2. I’ve only been to the Roosevelt once, and it was for dinner. It was so good! I definitely need to go try the breakfast!

    • Their dinner is next on my list! You DEFINITELY need to try their breakfast…and I’ll happily go back with you 😉

  3. Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much!