RVA Breakfast: The Village Cafe

Two weekends ago, Boyfriend and I had the clever idea to hit up The Village Cafe for weekend breakfast. Why clever? VCU’s spring semester hadn’t yet started, so the area (that I typically avoid like the plague) was nearly deserted. No suicidal pedestrians, no parking spot searches, and–most importantly–no wait for a table.

I’ve been to The Village Cafe once before. It was actually about 3 years ago, right after finishing my first half marathon with my sorority little sister. We met up with one of her friends, a VCU student, and he took us to this spot. I remember being very hungry, and thankful that breakfast was served all day. Since then, I’ve found that people who don’t even live in Richmond know about breakfast here, which speaks volumes about this slightly-edgy, neighborhood establishment.

And, honestly, who doesn’t love a place where breakfast never ends and your bill comes out to less than $20 for two?

The coffee was good, but I was more interested in the water cups, er, pitchers. Yes, we each got a baby pitcher to call our own and it was a dream come true. I love water. I drink too much water. And for the first time EVER, I did not need a refill. Whoa.

Pancakes (“the best around town”)
Including plain buttermilk, there are seven types of pancakes on the menu. Not surprisingly, this (re)discovery made me a bit giddy. So many choices! But of course, I chose blueberry. And granola. Together. Between the two, it was difficult for me not to automatically like the pancakes. There was flavor and texture, and not very much to complain about. They were good.

French Toast
French toast, there is. I found it strange, however, that it came with a choice of side when the pancakes did not.


This no-side-of-breakfast-meat-included-with-pancakes thing is turning into a normal occurrence for me. It’s a small issue in the scheme of things, because I can just go ahead and order a side of bacon without any complaints from the bacon bandit. There was plenty of hot, crispy, salty bacon to go around.

Boyfriend ordered a breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheese on a biscuit. Either distracted by my own food or massive water cup, I failed to take a picture. From his memory, it was good. No complaints, nor rave reviews. But it should be noted that they used cheddar instead of American cheese. Great in my eyes, but not in his.

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
*ANNOUNCEMENT* Boyfriend’s sausage gravy drought officially ended last week. However, The Village Cafe was not the chosen site of this miracle. It’s not on their actual menu, but they offer daily specials, which possibly (read: should) includes sausage gravy and biscuits from time to time.

Feature: ?  
Sometimes a place’s feature is that they don’t have one. I think one of the reasons The Village Cafe is so popular is because the menu is simple and cheap in price. There is something for everyone, and its not over-done and fancy. If there had to be a feature, though, it would be the pancake flavors. While they weren’t particularly unique, there was more than I’ve seen at any breakfast spot in Richmond…and I’ve been to a few.