RVA Breakfast: Bonvenu

***Unfortunately, Bonvenu was closed shortly after this review was posted.***

Last weekend was one massive sleepover. One of my sisters and two of my best friends came down to Richmond to belatedly celebrate my birthday.

Without a doubt, my favorite part of having visitors is being able to show off Richmond’s historic and culinary scenes. Yes, I’m in love with this city and I want everyone to be! So Saturday morning, I planned what I affectionately call a b-run-ch to do just that. We casually got up and went for a brisk morning run to the Pump House behind Byrd Park, and then to Bonvenu for a lovely morning meal. While I love having lazy Saturday morning brunches in sweat pants and last night’s makeup, there’s something to be said for running and brunching (or b-run-ching). Why not reward your morning workout efforts with a delicious meal? It’s the best of both worlds.

Bonvenu starts serving brunch at 11:00AM, which is about the time we arrived, so the space was fairly quiet and there were plenty of open tables. While the restaurant is a bit “nicer” than some of the Fan restaurants I typically eat at, we certainly didn’t feel out of place in our running gear. It ended up being a perfect place for us to relax, eat, and enjoy each other’s company.

This brunch with friends was made even more memorable when I decided to take the plunge and order *my first Eggs Benedict*. That’s right: In my 25 years of existence, I’ve never eaten one! I’ve been uncomfortable with runny, undercooked eggs for as long as I can remember; and as part of my 2013 Goals, I am working to concur that fear one brunch at a time.

I’m not sure where their coffee came from (local or not), but it was delicious. My only complaint was the small (ok, “normal” sized) mugs; we required multiple refills because of the chill outside and, well, it was good.

Pancakes, French Toast, Etc.
There were no pancakes on the menu, nor french toast. There were, however, two very unique waffle options: sweet potato topped with candied apples and jalapeno cornbread with strawberry sauce. Both Lisa and Cherie ordered the sweet potato options and were happy with the dish. The flavors were super autumn-y and comforting.

The side of bacon I ordered was good in quantity and quality. It was normal thickness and crispiness, so there was nothing really to complain about!

As I mentioned, I ordered an Eggs Benedict: the green tomato Benedict, to be exact. It came with a fried green tomato instead of ham and on a biscuit, rather than an English muffin. Overall, I loved the dish and I’m looking forward to trying a “traditional” Benedict in the future. The biscuit on this Benedict was more than large enough and also fairly flaky. It had been toasted, which I’m assuming made it more crumbly than it would’ve been otherwise.

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
One of the reasons we picked Bonvenu was I didn’t think it would be a place Boyfriend would be interested in going to with me. Olen-behold, they had sausage gravy and biscuits on their menu. Maybe we will be back…

Happy brunching (or maybe b-run-ching?)