RVA Breakfast: The Daily Kitchen & Bar

The Daily Kitchen Brunch 2.15 - 1


Jeez! It’s been a good year since I’ve talked about brunch and breakfast in Richmond, and even longer since I’ve done a review! So with a cup of coffee in hand, let me tell you about one of my latest brunch dates at a place called The Daily Kitchen & Bar (or just “The Daily” as people like to call it). I’ve had brunch here 2-3x, but most recently I went with one of my best friends from high school, Kristin, for a girl date—brunch and manicures (My first one since the engagement, believe it or not! The image above? My poor nails, pre-manicure).


The Daily is a bright and airy restaurant, with cheery and natural decor: Branches, dark wood with pops of right green throughout. In the warmer months, their front windows open up like garage doors and they have a massive sliding window along another wall. Their mission is to provide food that is delicious but “health conscious, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.”It honestly reminds me of a restaurant you’d find in Asheville, NC. They have a wide variety of options, no matter your diet: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, etc.

Coffee & Beverages

First of all, they have the offerings of an entire coffee and espresso bar: coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, chai lattes, assorted hot teas with either whole, skim, soy or almond milks. Awesome!


The Daily Kitchen Brunch 2.15 - 5


If you came pre-caffeinated, though, they also have a whole menu of freshly pressed and squeezed juices and mock/cocktails. I can’t remember which juice is below—maybe the Miami mango? I’ve gotten normal coffee most times and it’s 100% great. Typically, the servers are on the ball about bottomless refills too.


The Daily Kitchen Brunch 2.15 - 6


Sweet Dishes

The Daily has a breakfast and brunch menu, which are relatively the same. Sweet dishes include steel-cut oatmeal, granola bowl, bruleed grapefruit, challah french toast and three types of pancakes: buttermilk, buckwheat (vegan, GF) and quinoa.


The Daily Kitchen Brunch 2.15 - 4


With the server’s help, I decided on the regular buttermilk pancakes when dining with Kristin. They were light, thin and not as filling as some pancakes can be… which made it easier to eat the entire plate. I liked that it came topped with some fruit! They weren’t my favorite restaurant pancakes, but I’d probably order them again… or try the quinoa ones next time!


The Daily Kitchen Brunch 2.15 - 3



Of course, I ordered a side of their applewood smoked bacon to compliment my sweet stack! It came with only two slices (for $3) but they were good—thick and smokey—and hopefully local too :)


The Daily Kitchen Brunch 2.15 - 2


Breakfast Carbs

I’m not sure if they bake everything in-house or have it sourced from a local bakery, but they have an impressive variety: scones, muffins, bagels, croissants. But no biscuits on their menu! Maybe because they don’t fall under “delicious but health-conscious”? (But, if that’s the case, what about croissants?!?!). This isn’t a “southern” restaurant to begin with, so I’ll let it slide. Their breakfast sandwich on the menu is served on a croissant, and I know for a fact Garland would never turn that down.


Savory Dishes

There’s a whole section on the menu dedicated to organic eggs and things… omelets, scrambles, eggs any style, Benedicts, Huevos Racheros, burritos and a breakfast sandwich. Then there are tofu options for the vegans. The first time I went to The Daily, I ordered the eggs any style (pictured below), which came with toast, breakfast meat and breakfast potatoes—a combo of regular and sweet potatoes—YUM! Kristin got the avocado, tomato and white cheddar omelet and seemed happy :)


The Daily Kitchen Brunch 2.15 - 7



Normally I like to highlight a particular menu item that truly makes the restaurant stand out. For this particular place, though, their menu focus seems to be good food done right—classic dishes with quality ingredients. There’s nothing particularly edgy and seductive on the breakfast/brunch menu (although I’d kind of regretting not trying the french toast last time…). Instead, I think it’s a huge deal that they have so many options to please diners of various needs. Vegan? There’s tofutti cream cheese, soy yogurt and eggless/butterless baked goods. Gluten free? There’s a pancake and french toast option, or countless egg options, for that. If your looking for a paleo or nut free version of something, they probably can do it. I first went here for breakfast with my vegan friend (Hi, Amanda!) last year, and she actually had a hard time deciding what to order! She ended up choosing the veggie everything bagel with tofutti cream cheese (came with tomatoes, capers and fresh basil for toppings). I know she was super thrilled to order something “normal”, instead of having to get creative and annoy the server with customizations. And I liked that we were both happy!


The Daily Kitchen Brunch 2.15 - 8


Eating at a place like makes you feel better, all the way around!