2016 Vision

Engagement on the James - V&G 5.15


Hello. It’s me, living in 2016! I survived (and enjoyed) my family and I’s little around-the-world adventure and have fully recovered from jet lag, the cold I caught on the plane back and the mountain of work and deadlines that awaited me back in the office. Finally I feel like I have a second to myself to check in here for the new year.


In the past, I’ve made extensive blog and personal goals every January. I’ve then reviewed these extensive lists, marking up what I accomplished and what i feel short on [2012 & reflection, 2013 & reflection, 2014]. Last year—wisely—I wasn’t quite as ambitious. And this year, 2016, I feel even less so.


Over the past weekend (better late than never!), I came up with the stellar idea of having a 2016 VISION instead of actual goals… some sort of statement to guide me throughout the calendar year. Maybe both a VISION STATEMENT for the blog and my personal life? So great! Until I sat down to start writing it.


Every thought that is born and lives in my mind right now is about it, nearly every other action and checklist item is working towards it, every conjured up goal is trumped by it… My vision, quite literally, is one thing:




We are THREE short months away from Garland and I’s wedding day. I think I’d be crazy not to be thinking about it every day! I cannot wait to be married! I cannot wait to see what the day will look like! And I also cannot wait for it to be over! Sadly, the side effect of being the primary planner of our special day is that I have very little free time or creativity left for things like this precious blog. To further illustrate the struggle, my list tentative list of 2016 goals went something like this:


Let’s focus on baking more cookies recipes this year! Or biscuits! …But I’m getting married. I should be healthy, if not completely on a diet?

I’d love to go on a trip or two …oh wait. We are! A two week honeymoon that we still have to finishing booking and planning. Ah!

How about I start a new hobby? Hmm. *glance at weekly wedding checklists* When exactly would I have time for that?

Obviously, I need a running or fitness goal! Half marathon? Good grief, let me at least finish this wedding marathon FIRST.


This is very clearly THE YEAR OF THE WEDDING! So my goals and/or mantras leading up to April 23 will be simple: Have as much fun and as little stress as possible. Enjoy the moments along the way. Make time for each other. Be kind. Everything is perfect. Don’t overdo it. Make it us, not the expectation. Accept help. Pick and keep to a “stopping point”. Get married.