“The pursuit of the perfect, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light.” – Matthew Arnold


About Me 1.3.15


I’m Valerie, the voice behind all of these posts. I’m in my twenties and currently work for a nonprofit in Richmond, Virginia. When it comes down to it, one of the only things I’m 100% confident about in life is my love of food. Yes, I love food! I bet you do too, if you’re here! But more specifically, I love sweet food.


Like many of the women that came before me, I grew up alongside my mom in the  kitchen. However, it wasn’t until a simple request for cookies from some guy in college that I realized the kitchen was actually my favorite place to be [Spoiler alert: That guy is now my fiancé! boyfriend of 6 years.]




Pursuit of Sweetness is a blog about striving for sweetness—not just in the kitchen—but in everyday life.


What’s your sweetness? What makes you happy or feel complete?


For me, baking is one of those things. It’s the perfect balance between structure and creativity. But over the years, it’s served as and become so much more than that. Baking is a confidence builder, a display of affection, stress-reliever, coping mechanism, skill developer, meditation, friendship-builder, an experiment!


Breakfast is another a passion of mine. In a perfect world, every day would start with love and breakfast. My favorite breakfast food? All of it, but particularly blueberry pancakes…and BACON. Nothing would make me happier than making and enjoying breakfast with people for a living.

Running makes the short list too. During my senior year of high school, I joined the cross country team as a personal challenge and haven’t stopped since. As of January 2014, I’ve completed 2 full marathons, 3 half marathons and multiple other shorter-distance races. You can read about my training, race recaps and more underneath my “Running” tab.


I love to travel when my bank account and PTO allows. I’ve been blessed with some amazing adventures in life; the best of which were walking the Camino de Santiago in college and then backpacking through Europe the following year after graduation. Most of my day-to-day adventures occur in my current home of Richmond, Virginia. I am totally smitten with it’s small-city southern charm—and with little effort on my part, I’m sure you will be too! Click HERE for my Richmond page.


Most of the time, you can most likely find me dining at various local establishments, shopping at the Saturday morning farmers markets, running the streets and trails, or (let’s be honest) baking in Garland and I’s cozy kitchen.