Rustic Tomato & Corn Pie (Galette)

Tomato galette 9.15 4


I know today is the first day of fall, but can we make one more tomato recipe as a goodbye to summer? This summer has been especially good to us, all things considered. Graduations, weddings (and wedding planning!), travel, time on the water and with friends, birthdays, music, festivals, and as always: good food and drinks! Even with the big-old-test called The Bar in the middle of it, we made every second of the fleeting season of count.


Now, this pie / galette thing? It’s one of my favorite things I made this summer!!! I’ve never had a true tomato pie, but there’s no question whether I’d like it or not: roasted, vibrant tomatoes with tons of cheese and mayonnaise? YES PLEASE. However, eating it and making it are two different things. It’s crazy how many things—sometimes healthy, but mostly not—I have no problem eating if someone else makes it, but I can’t actually bring myself to make and eat it. Example A: a pork shoulder (as long as I trim all the fat off and put it in the slow cooker the night before, I can eat it fine the next day with no stomach-churning flashbacks). Example B: an authentic tomato pie with at least 1/2 cup mayonnaise in it. The vision of it makes the finish product instantly less appetizing.


Dark Chocolate Fudge Pops (Vegan + Normal Options)

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I woke up yesterday morning and it was 55 degrees. I walked outside with a navy dress, and nearly retreated for pants and a sweater. Instead, I forged ahead and opted for a hot coffee at a local cafe. It’s mid-September and I’m mid-rebellion against the changing season. For one thing, there’s still too many frozen treats and ripe tomatoes to eat!


Do you mind if I share a few more summery recipes?



Cheddar Jalapeño Rolls


Cheddar Jalapeno Rolls | Pursuit of Sweetness


As I subtly mentioned last week—in addition to a few cherry tomato plants and basil—this year I added a jalapeño plant, mint and parsley to my back stoop potted “garden”. Before I went and gave up on everything but the resilient mint and tomato plants, I actually got a large handful of baby jalapeños! You’d never believe it from the looks of the plant now:


Jalapeno Plant - Aug 2015


Now, I don’t really love jalapeños or particularly spicy food, but I do love homemade salsa and OHMYGOSH do I love these cheddar jalapeño rolls! I made them for the first time a few years ago, when one of our friends offered a few jalapeños from their garden bounty; and I’ve made them multiple times since. 1) It’s a great use of spare peppers. 2) The cheesy flavor and super soft texture are unbeatable! 3) It’s a relatively unfussy yeast dough.


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