Summer Snapshots – 2015

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July in Deltaville


It feels like Deltaville, Virginia has become our second home this summer. No complaints here… except for when this happened one weekend:


Rain in Deltaville


After several years of swearing off salmon (because of stinky burps—anyone else have this issue?), I’ve hopped back on the wagon without any issues so far! I didn’t realize how much I missed it, especially on the grill.


Grilled Salmon


There have only been a few early morning runs with my STPT friends. (I’m so sad to not be training for the marathon this year but we absolutely do not have the time!). Mostly, I go when the start location is Bryan Park because Early Bird Biscuit Co. is up the street and opens right after we finish. Fresh biscuits, no wait. Rolling pin door handle makes me :)


Early Bird Biscuits Door


Cook’s Illustrated [aka My Favorite] Blueberry Muffins

Best Blueberry Muffins 7.15 3


Here we are: the Bar has happened, vacation is over and summer seems to be quickly approaching its end… I always have to stop myself from premature “summer is over” blues when August hits. Years of school has my mind thinking that all fun is ending, and winter is right around the corner. A silver-lining of being an adult? Summer doesn’t have to end after Labor Day (or before—poor kids!). It’s warm well into October, leaving plenty more weekends and evenings to frolic in the golden sunshine with shorts and tanks.


My one July regret is not getting the chance to go blueberry picking. Although particularly hot and steamy, I love the process of picking berries. Scouting for clusters of undisturbed, perfectly plump blueberries. Tasting a few as you go, still warm from the sun. Looking down at your basket at the work that you’ve done. It’s calming and satisfying.


And then there’s the baking that follows! I may not have my own berries fresh from the field, but grocery store berries haven’t disappointed. Blueberry is my favorite muffin flavor; and in flavor, these muffins here are not lacking. Part of the berries are cooked down into a jam, which is swirled into the batter just before baking. Then there’s the lemon sugar sprinkled on top for texture and tartness.


Happy Bar Day To You!

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Happy bar day to you,

Happy bar day to you,

Happy bar day, dear Garland!

Happy bar day to you.


When you are done,

And the bar you’ve won,

We’re headed to Florida!

When you are done.


I’m feeling lots of mixed emotions as I sit at my desk this morning, knowing that Garland is sitting in the Roanoke Civic Center working through the Virginia State Bar with thousands of other individuals. I have such bad test anxiety that I even feel it for him a hundred miles away! I had a hard time sleeping last night, and I already know I won’t be able to concentrate at work until tomorrow evening when it’s all over.


I wish I could be there with him in that stinky, smelly exhibit hall… rows and rows of suited professionals, typing away like their lives depend on it. Then there’d be me: In my sundress and sandals, holding a towel to wipe his brow, my Mary Poppins bag full of homemade cookies and fruit and waters for refreshment, a mind full of encouraging chants to disperse at a moment’s notice. You’re right, that probably wouldn’t have played out well.


Throughout the last few months, he’s studied-studied-studied. And no matter what the question is in front of him, he’s likely heard and stored the answer in his head. He’s smart and clever and persistent and determined to be right. But most of all, he’s a good person. And Virginia needs good, ethical, compassionate lawyers like him.


All I can really offer is perspective. As BIG as today may seem in the moment, it will be overshadowed in years to come. Our wedding and marriage, first home, first dog, first child. All of these will happen and be lasting memories, no matter the outcome of these two days. We already found and have each other, what more could we need? The rest is just sprinkles on the brownie sundae! Garland will find a job—one that he loves—and everything he wants, we’ll make happen. This is just another hoop to jump through. Have patience. Have faith.


This may not be a movie monologue or a well thought-out motivational speech, but it’s the best that I can offer.


I can’t wait to see you on the other side!!! :)


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