On My Plate [June]


This past month’s recap of meals is going to be on the shorter side. Over the last month or so, I’ve noticed myself pulling out the phone/camera to capture things less and less. Although slightly prompted by the memory on my phone is running out of room (womp, womp), the need to capture and share daily details have been less appealing to me. Part it is preferring to be in the moment and not viewing it through a screen—or interrupting it with a shutter sound—while another part is me feeling a bit more guarded.


Apparently, I’ve been going through all sorts of moods lately! But it’s summer time, the BEST time, so mostly everything is great. Hot weather, sunshine, water time and plenty of fresh and grilled foods!



I’ve actually still been drinking Shakeology shakes fairly frequently, since I accidentally bought a second bag. It’s quick, easy, filling—something I really appreciate in the morning, since I normally don’t think about breakfast until it’s almost time to run out the door to work. Yogurt parfaits have been appearing less; yogurt just hasn’t been sounding as good so I’m not pushing it. (Still doesn’t stop me from eating tons of granola and berries, though!) Of course, it wouldn’t be a good month if I didn’t at least have pancakes once. Dot’s Back Inn is still my favorite in Richmond! It helps that they also have a great patio for outside dining.


On My Plate [June]



Roasted Carrot, Grape & Grain Kale Salad

Roasted Carrot Grape Kale Salad  | Pursuit of Sweetness



Lately, I’ve been in a food funk. It seems that every few months I get in this mood where I have zero cravings and nothing sounds particularly tasty. Along with that, I hate having to plan for and make the food! (which I normally love to do!) Making a meal plan and grocery list this past weekend was HARD. And then when I actually got to the grocery store? I was a mess. I kept forgetting things, couldn’t decide if I’d picked out the “right” pork chops, the wait at the deli counter was about 10 minutes, and I stood in the face soap aisle for-ev-er trying to pick something new and “unisex” for Garland to try. Part of my problem was 1) I was tired and 2) slightly hungover from the night before. We went to TWO weddings this past Saturday. TWO! It was so much fun, but boy was I exhausted! (Also, it was good research for our own wedding. It really got me in the mood to start thinking about details like decorations! We’re less than 10 months away!)


It’s times like these where it’s really important to have a list of “go to” dishes to put into your meal plan—the classics that are easy and always taste good. Also, for me, it’s nice to put one or two “grilling only” meals on the list so my grill-loving fiancé can make the entire meal for us! Hence, the pork chops… which ended up being perfect despite my concern. 😉




How to Deal with a Significant Other in Bar Prep Mode

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Garland almost at the halfway point of bar preparations! It’s just over 30 days until the Virginia Bar Exam a.k.a. “B-Day” (like D-Day, absolutely not like birthday). And I think, by now, we’ve both figured out how to best survive this time of our lives. It’s definitely had it’s challenges… Obviously, I’ve had the easier time since I am simply the significant other and (thankfully!) not the sucker talking the test. Nevertheless, there have been some key learnings and survival tactics that have become imperative to my way of daily life. The main ones are as follows:


Meet Anger, His New Best Friend

I’m sure this is something most significant others, friends and family already expect from those preparing for the bar after graduation. Expecting anger and accepting anger are two very different things. People in bar prep mode go to bed angry, wake up angry, and are angry every damn day. This is the new normal. It is your job to stay calm, focus on positivity and gently exude it like perfume.


Walk Away…

This bar prep frustration sometimes causes unexpected attacks; attacks that you should not take personally or attempt to diffuse. If you sense even just a flicker of tension directed towards you, walk away. Full on agitation? RUN. And don’t you dare acknowledge or respond to it. No poking the bar bear.


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