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My running story sounds something like this:


Summer of my senior year of high school, I made the decision to train for and join the cross country team. I spent the weeks leading up to try-outs on the treadmill at our local club, slowly working my way up to jogging three miles. I wasn’t a fast or pretty runner, nor it didn’t come naturally or painlessly, but I completed the season and a love of running was born.


Throughout college, I went on the occasional run. It wasn’t until, ironically, fall of my senior year that I decided to set another goal: a half marathon. In November 2009, I ran my first half marathon with my sorority little sister / training buddy by my side.


Slow and steady, I became a lover of long distances. I’ve completed a few more half marathons, along with a few other shorter distance race throughout the years. Like many runners, though, the goal of a road race is nice but my relationship with running also has a lot to do with the mental benefits: running to think, to forget, to plan, to relax, to energize, to be alone, to have fun. No matter the reason, running can satisfy the need. And all you need is a pair of shoes!


That being said….In 2013, I decided to up the ante and train for a full marathon. The training and the race itself was one of the best experiences of my life. But it made the blow of a resulting metatarsal stress fracture even harder to deal with. The injury kept me from running for close to 6 months following the race, but I bounced back and worked hard to train for the same race in fall 2014.


In this section, you can follow my training, race recaps, tips, and the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle!